About us

Company ‘’Panex-Co’’

has been founded in 1997., seated and located in Novi Sad. Core business of the company is production and distribution of plastic packaging, primarily made of following materials: OPS, PS, PET, PP and PVC.

Our production range offer consists of more than 150 packaging models of various dimensions and shapes.

Being well aware of the necessity to be unique on the market, we are constantly working on implementation of new products as well as new product lines.

We believe that, after two decades of entrepreneurship in plastic packaging production, we’ve proved to be a reliable and let say it so, diverse, not just a supplier, but a business partner.

We understand business as a partnership, not just a purchasing deal, which is why we take effort to offer our customers a diverse product, diverse design, possibility to differentiate and be recognized on the market as far as packaging is concerned. This is, also, one of the basics for company’s permanence and durability of our business partnerships, as well as market positioning.

Optimal ratio of price and quality is also one of the firm reasons for being present on the market of Serbia and its region, as well as on the market of EU for the last 20 years.

Be free to contact us and assure yourself in the above stated, let's work together on your ideas for packaging.

‘’Excellent SME’’ certificate approves the creditworthiness of company’s business and it is created according to EU directives promoting successful companies. Its aim is not just to promotion the successful companies, but also to increase the transparency and safety of business as well as to rate the risk of cooperation with a certain company.

The very certificate is based on SafeSigned web technology and its presence on one’s web page indicates a successful, reliable and credible company. Just the companies with Coface creditworthiness score above 6, on the scale of 1 to 10, are awarded with this certificate.

Electronic ‘’Excellent SME’’ certificate is awarded by Chamber of Commerce Serbia.