For endurable food freshness


has been founded in 1997., seated and located in Novi Sad. Core business of the company is production and distribution of plastic packaging, primarily made of following materials: OPS, PS, PET, PP and PVC. OPS, PS, PET, PP i PVC.

Chrystal clear, toughness, durability, surface splendor and high transparency are the top features of OPS program. Giving that the temperature area of use is between -40°C and -80°C, this type of packaging is applicable for cold storage, as well as for packaging of warm and hot dishes....


creamy and dry cakes, tulumbe, baklava, cakes, rolls, grain, chestnut puree…


cocktail pastries, frozen dough, sandwiches…

meat industry

delicatessen products, meat products…

dairy products

cheese, cream, paprika in sour cream…

PET program

PET hinged containers are a favourable packaging choice due to universal shapes (square and oval), leakage proof closing, available volumes 250-2000 ml, temperature indurance -40°C – + 50°C, as well as due to material flexibility.


PET containers are most often used for packaging of all types of dressed pastries (oriental pastries like tulumba, baklava, urmašica), diary products (cheese, cream…), dries and fresh vegetables, salads, spreads, sauces, etc.

PP program

PP is material which endures high temperatures (+110°C) which is why PP hinged containers are mostly used for packing of hot dishes.


PP hinged containers are leak proof, which makes this type of packaging the most suitable for catering purposes. On the other hand, PP trays can be used for machine packaging as well as for standard packing, with suitable lids which we also have in our production offer.