OPS program

Chrystal clear, toughness, durability, surface splendor and high transparency are the top features of OPS program. Giving that the temperature area of use is between -40°C and -80°C, this type of packaging is applicable for cold storage, as well as for packaging of warm and hot dishes. Wide range of different OPS program packaging models has a wide application in following areas:

  • confectionery (creamy and dry cakes, tulumbe, baklava, cakes, rolls, grain, chestnut puree,)
    Bakery and confectionery;
  • meat industry (delicatessen products, meat products)
  • dairy products (cheese, cream, paprika in sour cream)
  • Fruits and vegetables manufacturing;
  • Catering, house delivery (take away meals, salads, sauces…);
  • packaging of table and quail eggs,
  • In-kitchen application.